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Art on Track – St Thomas July 9th, 2016

I’ll have my paintings, prints, cards & colouring books for show and sale at Art on Track at the L&PS Railway Corridor, St Thomas Ontario, part of the Nostalgia Nights Car Show. July 9th, 2016 3pm to 7pm.

“The St Thomas Downtown Development Board is once again sponsoring the successful 2016
Nostalgia Nights Car Show in Downtown St Thomas. We expect to have 1200+ vintage vehicles arrive along with 1000’s of visitors. The Trains will be running on the hour from 3pm to 7pm. “

Craftsy’s Best of 2014 Sale

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My Bucket List…

Well here goes, here’s my list of things to do before I die…they mostly have to do with learning, traveling and creating.

  1. Buy a house in the country to run my dream business
  2. Learn how to become a beekeeper and raise bees
  3. Raise hens for their eggs
  4. Learn how to build straw bale structures
  5. Build a straw bale home
  6. Join a Toastmasters group
  7. Buy an investment property
  8. Get back into Yoga seriously
  9. Take the course to learn to teach Zumba
  10. Teach Zumba on a cruise ship
  11. Get to Black belt level in Tae Kwon Do
  12. Teach Tae Kwon Do in my spare time
  13. Run a Marathon (I’m not a runner but curiously this is something I’ve always wanted to do)
  14. Live in the Caribbean
  15. Go skinny dipping at midnight
  16. Travel to a foreign country to supply aid
  17. Go Sky Diving
  18. Travel to Egypt Last time I went to Luxor. would like to return to see more
  19. Ride a camel
  20. Ride an Arabian horse through the dessert
  21. Go on a retreat
  22. Host a women’s retreat
  23. Get into making stained glass
  24. Get back into painting and having gallery shows
  25. Learn to make soap
  26. Make candles
  27. Go rock wall climbing and make it to the top
  28. Learn to fly an airplane
  29. Go Kayaking
  30. Make a difference
  31. Inspire somebody
  32. Travel to Hawaii
  33. Go camping in Arizona
  34. Sew a quilt
  35. Get a tattoo
  36. Get more tattoos
  37. Learn to be a tattoo artist
  38. Become a good an excellent public speaker
  39. Go backpacking across Europe
  40. Revisit Greece
  41. Go go-carting
  42. Climb a mountain
  43. Get a Brazilian waxing
  44. Go camping on Vancouver Island
  45. Start a hand written journal
  46. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  47. Take the kids on a cruise
  48. Visit Canada’s West Coast
  49. Visit Canada’s East Coast
  50. Learn to drive a boat & take a boat trip
  51. Learn to sail (properly)
  52. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  53. Earn a Masters Degree
  54. Have a day at the Spa
  55. Travel to Costa Rica
  56. Have a fantastic trip to Thailand
  57. Get into perfect shape & health

My History

Ann-Marie Cheung (Summer 2010)

Ann-Marie Cheung

Well it has certainly been quite the journey so far!

I’ve always been an artist…graduated from the Ontario College of Art  (now called OCAD University) in 1984 from the general studies program. Traveled across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver where I had my first solo show. I lived there for about a year in a grotty shared warehouse space in Gastown. Yes, I was living the starving artist life for sure, working as a waitress at the Town Pump and Andy’s Diner. I hung out with a lot of musicians, artists and junkies at that time.

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