RCM Artist-Educator Foundations Course

I’m thrilled to be taking the RCM Artist-Educator Foundations Course for artists who are already engaged in arts education, and for those who would like to learn more about arts education. This 30-hour course offers artists a window into working in schools and/or in community settings through hands-on, activity-based exploration.

Instructors for this session are Laurie Pye and Sara Dickinson-Chilvers .

Foundations certification prepares you for:

• Work in elementary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as in community settings
• Developing meaningful and relevant lesson plans
• Effective communication with students, teachers and staff
• Development of solid partnerships with educational or community partners
• Making appropriate programming choices for a variety of ages, stages and abilities

Course Modules for Foundations:

• Merging Artist and Teacher/Social Worker Culture
• Engaging Effective Partnering
• Engaging Effective Session Management – Teaching Tactics and Strategies
• Exploring Multiple Intelligences Theory
• Understanding the Arts Curriculum
• Preparing Lesson Plans (Foundations Level)
• Understanding Ages and Stages of Development (Foundations Level)
• Articulating Your Creative Process

Thanks to funding from The Ontario Arts Council and the London Arts Council for making this possible.