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How to make a living as an artist

by Gwenn Seemel
The presentation of your work and of yourself is integral to making a living as an artist, but, in a sense, it’s a prerequisite.  Once you have that figured out, there are four easy steps for turning that confidence and polish into a living. Read more


The Abundant Artist – Tools & Resources

The Abundant Artist teaches artists how to dispel the starving artist myth by selling art online through websites, email, and social media.


Articles for Artists: Resources to Present, Promote, Market Your Art

Loads of helpful articles from


How to Make a Living as an Artist




Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council offers a broad range of grants and services to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations.


The Ontario Arts Council

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is guided by the far-seeing mandate it was given in 1963 – to foster the creation and production of art for the benefit of all Ontarians.  OAC offers more than fifty funding programs for Ontario-based artists and arts organizations, with funds from the Ontario government.  Grants provide assistance for a specific activity, support for a period of time, or for ongoing operations. OAC also offers awards, prizes and scholarships from private funds managed by the Ontario Arts Foundation.



Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) is incorporated federally as a non-profit corporation that is the national voice of Canada’s professional visual artists.

Business for the Arts

Business for the Arts aims to strengthen arts and culture in Canada by connecting arts organizations to business patrons and volunteers through our artsScene and boardLink programs; by stimulating investment in the arts through matching incentives and sponsorship training for arts organization with artsVest; by communicating the value of investing in the arts through advocacy and research; and by providing a platform for arts organizations to celebrate their outstanding business partners in the arts with our Canadian Arts and Business Awards.


Canada Arts Connect

Canada Arts Connect is where those who love art in Canada can connect with opportunities, resources, and community.