The London Arts Council (LAC) expanding Artist Mural Roster

The roster currently serves as a juried list for projects which take place at various locations throughout the City of London. Mural Projects are designed to enhance an indoor or outdoor space. Mural Projects will take place outdoors on surfaces such as walls, inside and outside tunnels, bridge areas, utility or traffic signal boxes as well as inside of buildings.

Since the creation of the LAC Mural Program in 2012, the LAC has completed six mural projects with visual artists who have been selected from the current Artist Mural Roster. As we plan for 2014, LAC is fulfilling its commitment to expand the current roster to provide opportunities to more artists to create works of art that contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of our neighbourhoods and urban areas of London.

This professional program was designed to create opportunities for professional visual artists. Please consider when making your submission using your most relevant work for the program you are submitting to (mural program). Support materials should be professionally photographed in order to provide the best examples of your work.

Please note:
• Every artist on the Artist Mural Roster has an equal opportunity to be selected.
• The profiles of the current Artist Mural Roster will be maintained.
• Artists are not limited to one mural project only and may be selected multiple times.

Please note how our process works:

We have two different jury processes involved in order to be selected for a mural project:
1. Jury process for the Artist Mural Roster.
2. Jury process for each mural project – *for each project, the LAC organizes different jury members.

Click here to access the online application form.

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 by noon