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The Why: Power of your Purpose

by Ann-Marie Cheung

I’m working my way through the The Artist’s Profit Plan training with Alexis Fedor. This is the first work sheet The Power of your Purpose.

What is the first memory you have connected to creating art?

I can’t remember my first time creating art, but aren’t all children creative? I remember my mom showing me how to draw cartoon cats. I had a wonderful elementary school teacher who gave me advanced class assignments. While the other kids were drawing cones and spheres, I was learning to draw and shade drapery. Miss Pigott with her heavy blue eye makeup, long dark hair and mini skirts (this was the 70s) was an amazing guide. I was also fortunate to have a fantastic high school art teacher, Miss Angie Wong. I remember her heavy Egyptian style eye makeup and long black hair. We had an artists cafe night where we would paint a self portrait in the style of a certain artist. I chose Van Gogh, don’t know what happened to those early paintings. She also arranged my first public group art show of still life charcoal drawings at the Toronto Dominion Centre in downtown Toronto.  With so much encouragement how could I not decide on an art career attending the Ontario College of Art. 

What is the most profound experience you’ve had as an artist in your life (if you had to pick just one, in this moment)? 

I was in an exhibition entitled SHE at the Illumine Gallery in St Thomas, Ontario. For this show I painted “She Survived” which was donated to raise funds for Violence Against Women Services Elgin County. I felt a deep sense of purpose and joy knowing that I helped other women. Four years previous to this, I left an abusive relationship.

She Survived 2017 by Ann-Marie Cheung

She Survived, 12×12 acrylic on canvas 2017 by Ann-Marie Cheung

I went through a dry period of about 15 years creating no art at all while in this stifling relationship. When it inevitably came to an end, I began to make art again and have shows. I healed myself through art.

How are the two connected?

The connection I see is women helping and connecting with other women on a deeper level and being inspired and motivated by strong women.

What is your WHY?

Why I create art is to express and share my inner goddess and help people heal and feel joy through art. This is how I communicate and deeply connect with the world.


What are at least three traits those who have resonated with and/or invested in your work or your services in the past have in common with each other?

My clients tend to be leaders in the community holding an upper management position or running their own businesses. They are strong, independent, confident and usually women. They express gratitude, are generous, joyful and appreciate nature and art.

What is the one question you can ASK your potential ideal clients to learn more about how you can help them with your offers?

When it comes to _______________, what is your single greatest challenge?

CRAFTED: Unique Wares and Originals at The Arts Project

Crafted at The Arts Project

CRAFTED: Unique Wares and Originals
The Arts Project
203 Dundas St, London, ON
November 14th to December 21, 2017

Open Tuesday to Saturday, Noon until 5:00


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My Mixed Media Art Process

Since my artist friend Paula Mould keeps asking me to post photos of my process, here it is…These are 4 plywood panels 8″ x 10″ x 1″ each. I’ve used green painters tape to block off certain areas and started with some dark acrylic paint.


I cut out some bird shapes using coloured paper, then used a fine process4archival ink marker, Pigma Micron 01 to draw some designs.process5


The birds and other cut out paper shapes are glued to the panels using an acrylic gel medium.process6 process4More paint is added.process7

More layers of paint are added, letting coats dry in between.process8

Some words are painted on…bloom, shine, dream and blossom.process9

process11Finished details.Shine 2016Dream 2016Blossom 2016Bloom 2016


Railway City Arts Crawl 2016 St Thomas ON

This years Arts Crawl was absolutely fantastic! I had such wonderful responses from all those who attended.

“A big thank-you to Railway City Tourism, the hosts, sponsors and especially to the artists who took part in the 2016 Railway City Arts Crawl sharing their work and creative spirits. The third annual event was bigger and better than ever! Along the “Crawl” on Friday and Saturday, we discovered artists who showcased an amazing range of unique work, but who also offer inspiration in countless other ways …” Read More


Railway City Arts Crawl 2016

A big thank-you to Railway City Tourism, the hosts, sponsors and especially to the artists who took part in the 2016 Railway City Arts Crawl sharing their work and creative spirits. The third annual event was bigger and better than ever! Along the "Crawl" on Friday and Saturday, we discovered artists who showcased an amazing range of unique work, but who also offer inspiration in countless other ways … video below contains a few scenes and just some of the sixty-some artists who participated. You can find information on all of them on the Railway City Arts Crawl website #ArtsCrawl2016

Posted by Relish Elgin on Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Healing Garden – adult colouring book

Relax and enjoy colouring these intricate drawings. They will provide hours of stress relief resulting in your own delightful works of art. Coloured pencils are recommended.

The Healing Garden colouring book by Ann-Marie Cheung

The Healing Garden colouring book

Ann-Marie Cheung is a mixed media visual artist living in Ontario, Canada. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto and has had numerous solo and group exhibits across Canada. Her award winning work can be found in numerous private collections around the world.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Owl coloured by Ann-Marie Cheung

Here’s an example of a page coloured in. There is no wrong way to colour, you choose the colours that resonate with you.  Coloured Pencils are recommended. Happy Colouring!

Railway City Arts Crawl Feb. 26 & 27, 2016

I’ll be participating in The Railway City Arts Crawl along with many other talented, local artists. My location is the beautiful, historic CASO Station.

The Railway City Arts Crawl is a FREE winter event celebrating local arts and culture. Set in various venues throughout St. Thomas Ontario, participants are given a passport to guide them to the sites and help them explore. Explore at your own leisure during the set times of 6-9pm Feb 26th and 11am-5pm February 27th.Railway City Arts Crawl

Don’t be shy! Artists in each venue will be creating on site and are happy to answer questions and engage with you.

The passport is THE GUIDE to navigating the Arts Crawl. With information on both the venues and the artists, you will find it easy to get around and see what is available.

Each venue will stamp your passport once you arrive and if you visit 10 venues, you are eligible for a draw for some awesome prizes. All you need to do is show or email a photo of your completed passport to Railway City Tourism at 605 Talbot Street after the event. Be sure to leave us your contact info with the passport!


Kicking off the AFTER PARTY is a special addition to the Arts Crawl! FIRE IN FEBRUARY will be our Fireworks display starting at 6:50pm. Excellent viewing from the Roadhouse to Ross Street.

The AFTER PARTY will be held at the Midtown Tavern at 701 Talbot Street starting at 7pm. Join the Artists and enjoy live music for this fun and free night!CASO Station

“Floral Mandala February Feature 100 Mandalas Calendar

Ann-Marie Cheung Ontario Canada February 2016

I’m excited to have my painting,”Floral Mandala” 2014 acrylic on canvas featured in the 100 Mandalas 2016 Calendar.

Here are some fun facts about the Mandala project:
100 participants from 18 countries
Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, and UK
and 23 states around the US
Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Montana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

il_570xN.823166315_tuhn100 Mandalas 2016 calendar

Aesthetica Art Prize 2015: Call for Entries

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2015 is open for entries. The prize is a major event for established and emerging artists, now in its eighth year, and is awarded by the international art and culture publication Aesthetica Magazine.

It is a celebration of excellence in art from across the world and offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work to wider audiences and further their involvement in the international art world. 

Judges include influential figures from major organisations such as the National Portrait Gallery, Design Museum and Yorkshire Sculpture Park among others.

Prizes include:

  • £5,000 Main Prize courtesy of Hiscox
  • £1,000 Student Prize courtesy of Hiscox
  • Group exhibition in partnership with York Museums Trust
  • Publication in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology
  • Editorial in Aesthetica Magazine (186,000 readership worldwide)
Categories for entry: Photographic & Digital Art; Painting & Drawing; Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture, and Video, Installation & Performance.

Submissions close 31 August 2015. To enter, visit